Educational Inequality

Through cross-national comparisons of educational outcomes, I study which institutional features of national education systems drive national levels of educational inequality as well as the quality of educational outcomes:

  • Persistent Inequality in Educational Attainment and Its Institutional Context (in European Sociological Review, link)
  • Equality and Quality in Education (in Social Science Research, link)

Concentrating on the U.S. context, I investigate socio-economic inequalities in higher education as they relate to students’ attendance patterns and characteristics of post-secondary institutions:

  • The Community College Effect Revisited. The Importance of Attending to Heterogeneity and Complex Counterfactuals (in Sociological Science, link)
  • Beyond Access. Explaining Socioeconomic Differences in College Transfer (in Sociology of Education, link)
  • Unequal Pathways through American Universities (working paper)

Other current projects include

  • A comparison of educational inequality across U.S. states (in progress)
  • An international comparison of the relationship between student test scores and adult skills and credentials (in progress)

Further aspects of my research on educational inequality are described in Wealth and Opportunity and Social Mobility.